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Wheelie Fun Bike Shop3 days ago
Tuesday, Feb 27th Wheelie Fun B. S. will be CLOSED. Brian, Russ, and Ryan are going to Ray's Indoor Bike Park. We will be leaving from the shop at 10:30am. Play hooky and come with us.
Wheelie Fun Bike Shop
Wheelie Fun Bike Shop1 week ago
Happy Valentine’s Day to my main squeeze @musikfan. Xoxo. -future bike #teamsixonefour #wheeliefunbikeshop #romcom #makingdreamscometrue #notsocheapdate
Wheelie Fun Bike Shop
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Everyone loves supporting Gators Bike Park and all the fun on bikes they're sharing!
Wheelie Fun Bike Shop
Wheelie Fun Bike Shop2 weeks ago
Weather too lousy to ride lately? Wear clothes that insinuate you’re some sort of cyclist so you you’re easier to spot at the cocktail party for that other person who’s been riding their trainer in their basement for the past month. Who knows, maybe you’ll hit it off and be best friends for life. Y’all can get tattoos together. Just think of the possibilities. #wheeliefunbikeshop #bffs #textiles #highfives #thisiswhathappenswhenimaloneatwork #friends #handupgloves #pivotcycles #sockguy #parktool
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Wheelie Fun Bike Shop2 weeks ago
These new @lazersport Magma camo helmets are great for hunting. Hunting for pr’s.....hunting for Easter eggs....hunting for more miles on the trail.... #wheeliefunbikeshop #lazerhelmet #cantseeme #seethatfargointheback? #cheaperthanguns
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Dirty brake fluid and clean brake fluid. Winter is a great time to get your brakes serviced. Brake bleeds are much cheaper than new brake parts. The crud can build up and things stop working reliably. BRAKES ARE IMPORTANT!!

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(614) 396-7131
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Customer Feedback

I'm from the Findlay area and was in Columbus at a different bike shop looking to buy my first road bike. As I waited over 20 minutes for someone to even acknowledge me as a customer, I hopped online to look up other bike shops in town. I came across Wheelie Fun Bike Shop and noticed its perfect review, piquing my interest. Frustrated with the extreme lack of customer service I received at the other shop, I made my way to WFBS. What a difference! I explained that I knew nothing about bikes other than I was interested in one and they walked through everything with me. I was even recommended different bikes to try out which was wonderful to be able to do at the park across the street. At the recommendation, I tried out 4 different bikes to make sure I found one I liked. Now, the proud owner of a Cannondale Synapse, I cannot compliment WFBS enough. They were knowledgable, customer-oriented, fair, and overall great to work with. Thanks for answering my questions, providing recommendations, and making my purchase a great experience. - Tyler Brooks