Kenneth J. HolcombKenneth J. Holcomb

Personal expert attention to delivering the best cycling experience.

Joe FlorianJoe Florian

LOVING the BB30 replacement bottom bracket you guys put on my bike a few weeks ago. Spins SO smoothly and totally QUIET!

Kazuto OtsubaKazuto Otsuba

Friendly, genuine, humble and knowledgeable owner and staff who simply love bikes! Can't thank you guys enough for the countless support for our family bike builds and involvement in the local community! Looking forward to and hoping for the best with the new year in a new location!

Reed RideoutReed Rideout

Stopped in at Wheelie’s today for the first time. Great atmosphere, awesome product, good pricing and knowledgeable staff. Spoke with Ryan (the owner), great guy! Definitely will be stopping by again soon!

Eric SmithEric Smith

Just did a 1 day 156.6 mile solo ride on a 2018 Cannondale Synapse I bought here and the boys here made sure my bike would not let me down. It didn't and couldn't have done ride without them. Thx boys!

Laura FreemanLaura Freeman

I raced in the half ironman Ohio 70.3 over the weekend. We noticed three days before the race a small issue with my bike but big enough I needed a bike shop. I called and they told me to come in and were soon nice! thank you sooo much!!

K.J. PykeK.J. Pyke

These guys are great! Even my cheap 25 year old Huffy gets care. Stopped in while on a ride with some squeaks. They stopped what they were doing and helped me out with a quick oil. Bringing in my other bikes and will be buying a new updated bike from them! Thanks!!!

Kevin LoganKevin Logan

These guys do great work not only on bikes but in the community as well specifically at the Gators Bike Park. Keep it up boys!

Ed HackworthEd Hackworth

It's the day before my last triathlon of the season and notice the cranks on my tri bike feel like they're binding up. Brian at Wheelie Fun diagnosed the issue - one set of bearings had totally frozen up. The shop had the replacement BB and took the time to get me race ready! Thanks Brian and Wheelie Fun Bike Shop. Great job, you guys are season savers!

Tyler RileyTyler Riley

Extremely helpful group of guys. Willing to help and educate customers who have no idea what they are getting into.

John MambourgJohn Mambourg

Actually sitting in the parking lot writing this because these guys rock. Had taken my bike in for a "tuneup" elsewhere, paid way more money and bike shifted like junk. Called the shop and they said they tuned it up and should be fine. Came in here and they were super nice, I know nothing about bikes, and they didn't talk down to me or belittle me. Showed me some cool stuff and new stuff. Tuned up the bike while I waited and paid 1/6 of what the other shop charged. Plus they have an awesome selection of bikes and gear. Heck even their sunglasses were legit. I'll use these guys and buy my kids bikes here for sure.

Matthew PolterMatthew Polter

Ryan and his crew are not only intelligent about everything they do but they are just good people too.

Mitchell DurkopMitchell Durkop

The best bike shop in Columbus. The level of professionalism, passion for their craft, and desire to get you a deal is a breathe of fresh air in today's consumer world. Whether buying small accessories for your ride or a carbon racing bike, this is the place to go.

Howard P WoodHoward P Wood

Extremely friendly, helpful and unpretentious. They fixed up an old TREK and didn't try to sell me anything I didn't want. Their prices are extremely reasonable. Try this shop out--support local businesses!

James AndersonJames Anderson

Got these bikes off of Craigslist for a special trip for my girlfriend and I for her birthday.Held on to them as a surprise and then gave them to her the day before we were supposed to go. She was so excited, but when we tried to ride them, one of them wasn't working right. It wouldn't go and was pretty much unrideable. I called this bike shop 15 mins before close and explained what happend. They told me to bring it right in. I was 3 miles away and rushed there. I walked in with the bike and Brian greeted me at the door. I explained we were going to Yellow Springs the next day to bike around on our new bikes and that one is broke. He immediately was like, "Let's get our hands dirty!" He took it back and took the wheel off. Tried a couple things but it still wouldn't work. He went to the back and found a wheel that was an exact fit that he didn't even know they had! He said he would even cut me a deal on it. He put the wheel on right quick and it worked perfectly. Brian literally saved the entire birthday trip I had planned. I cannot thank him enough for his awesome attitude about helping us and staying after close for an extra 20 minutes to do everything he could to make sure we walked out with a working bike. Seriously the next bike I need repaired or need to purchase this will be the spot and I will always recommend this place! Thank you again to Brian for being such a life saver. I can't believe it. You are the man and we are seriously grateful!

Ryan McLoughlinRyan McLoughlin
David YugovichDavid Yugovich

This is a great shop. Today was my first trip there. I was not your average customer, I had lots of questions and needed a ton of help. I have done so much research on my own, but I left there today, and I had learned a bunch. Not only did they help me figure out which option was correct (from the 4+ ideas I had), they helped me put together a list for a custom bike and they are going to build it. The team at Wheelie Fun made it easy. You can tell they really LOVE bikes. This is my new favorite bike shop in Central Ohio. Go there. Go NOW.

Chigozie EzenaguChigozie Ezenagu

This is without a doubt the best bike shop around. The staff know their craft very well and are able to assist you with any related issue. All of their items are priced very well and it always feels great contributing to a local business. If you have kids who want to get into riding, this is the place to go. They have firsthand experience on what your child needs. If you are getting/servicing a bike for yourself, this is the place to go. The owner and staff of this shop are all seasoned, experienced riders and mechanics and have a wealth of information. I learn so much every time I go in.

The environment of Wheelie Fun Bike Shop is superb. The people there are friendly, awesome and very enjoyable to talk with. I really like being in the much so where it's slightly saddening when my task there is done and it's time for me to leave---hence...they are quick, fast, and efficient, another great thing about Wheelie Fun.

I mean...look at all the 5 star reviews. Definitely a reason for those. Even if you live in the southern most part of Columbus, this should be the bike shop you most frequent.

Tyler QuinnTyler Quinn

This shop was a life saver on my recent bike trip. I needed a part for the next day's big ride which they didn't have in stock. The owner took the part off of a bike on the floor instead just to make sure I could ride that weekend. I had a great experience for sure. Their demo bike fleet looks sick. I will have to go back to take one for a spin.

Robert ChuvalaRobert Chuvala

I was just saying to someone how can *Insert-Big-Box-Store* screw up my bike experience? It's bikes for goodness sake. They are the most fun you can have with your clothes on! And this shop gets it! I have traveled around the nation and visited many shops, but the gang here made me happy to have walked into the shop. They have a love of bikes and it shows. Very knowledgeable and well versed on bikes, and an awesome stock of eye candy. I was going to purchase a different bike but after yesterday I am considering spending my money at my "friends" shop. I highly suggest stopping by and seeing for yourself!

Wheelie Fun Bike ShopWheelie Fun Bike Shop
4.9 Stars - Based on User Reviews

Charles ManchCharles Manch

Inquired about shop, products, services, and hours. Very quick and intelligent responses. Very competitive pricing.

Claire BowmanClaire Bowman

I've never posted a review before, but I had such a bad experience I felt like I had to share. I bought a bike from Wheelie Fun and they shipped it to me via BikeFlights, and when it arrived the frame was broken. I unboxed it with two bike mechanics who told me it was packed incorrectly. When I called Wheelie Fun, they told me to deal with the owner Ryan. He immediately denied all fault and refused to talk to me on the phone. I ended up talking with his bike mechanics as intermediaries (who are wonderful guys, and really the saving grace here), who told me their hands were tied and I would be responsible for paying for a new frame (which is ~$2,000). I threatened to go to Paypal, who would take them to court, at which point Ryan agreed to take the bike back for a full refund.

I know everyone was in a weird and bad spot here, but the image Ryan projected as owner -- refusing to communicate with me, not working together to a solution, and putting his guys in a really bad spot -- was poor. It seems like he has some great mechanics and in person really serves his customers, but this whole interaction made me come away feeling like he was dishonest, unethical, and unwilling to show any flexibility / respect for me as his customer.

Tyler RileyTyler Riley

Couldn't ask for a better local shop. The guys there are knowledgeable and helpful. When making a purchase you will get what you want/need, not what they think you need. They took tons of time helping me get a bike set up exactly how I wanted.

Matt CasturoMatt Casturo

After going to a trek store and being quoted $398 for bike adjustments and new parts, I took my bike to Wheelie Fun Bike shop and Ryan the owner stayed 20 minutes after the store closed to look over my bike and do several small adjustments for free. He went on to tell me how many more miles I could actually get out of my tires, chain, brake pads, etc. He could have easily just quoted a little bit less than the Trek store and made $300 but instead he was completely honest about the fact that most of the work wasn't necessary and did the work that was necessary for free. Can't speak highly enough about his honesty and definitely will be trusting this store for any future work I need done.

Steve JungSteve Jung

Took my bike for brake adjustment on my mountain bike. Brian look a look at it and performed the adjustments quickly. He also noticed issue with my chain which was recently changed by another bike store. They installed the wrong chain size. The chain would skip alot and I took the bike back to original store and they changed the chain with solved the skipping. Really appreciate Brian service and expertise. Will be taking my bike there from now on. They also had really large selection of Pivot demo bikes.

Wheelie Fun Bike ShopWheelie Fun Bike Shop
5 Stars - Based on 7 User Reviews

Beverly R.Beverly R.

I brought my fairly knew bike in. It was skipping gears. They got me fixed right up, didn't even have to leave it. It is now ready for my 2 Duathlons coming...

Cordell B.Cordell B.

Great shop!
Very patient and helpful when picking out a bike for my wife recently. Explaining the pros and cons of each models geometry for how she had...

Tom T.Tom T.

Favorite bike shop in cbus. Great brands, great people, impeccable service. As someone who has been into biking for 30+ years, this is the only shop I can...



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Customer Feedback

Wheelie Fun Bike Shop has a no-pressure customer service that you can't get in most bike shops. Relaxed and willing to help with any questions or inquires I have, I sometimes make up excuses to go! Each time I come in with my son, they are quick to greet me, AND son! Bike selections range from adult size to kid size and I have been nothing but pleased with the "custom-built" bike they sold us for my son (swapped out the bike seat for us cuz he liked "the cool stars on that bike seat over there" and switched and shortened the handle bars for us). I recommend WFBS to any and all, you won't be disappointed! - Rick