Tune-up packages

See the Service Price List page for prices on specific repairs.

I’ve Got A Bike $50

You have a bike, you ride it… sometimes and it needs a bit off attention
Good for bikes that are serviced regularly or that have not been ridden much.  Bikes are functionally sound but may have issues such as brake rubbing, missed shifts, squeaky drivetrian.

-shift adjustments-brake adjustments-spot wheel true-clean frame-general lubrication of drivetrain-safety inspection (check all fasteners, inflate tires)

I Like My Bike $90

You like your bike a lot, you ride it whenever the weather allows and it gets to sleep inside.

Annual service for bikes ridden often in the warmer / dryer monthsBikes need a bit more work than a general adjust and lube, bikes may have issues such as wobbly wheels, loose headset, hubs or bottom brackets, low brake performance.
-Above service-Detailed Bicycle cleaning
-Comprehensive Wheel True-Bearing Inspection and Adjust (headset, bottom bracket, hubs)-Installation of:  Tape / Grips, Saddle, Pedals, Brake Pads

I Love My Bike $145

You love your bike.  The two of you are faithful to the end but you want to treat it to some new duds to liven up that spark in the relationship.

Annual service for bikes ridden often throughout the year or for bikes that are over 10 years old 
Bikes need multiple parts replaced due to wear or age.
-Above Service-Installation of:  Cables and Housing, Chain, Cassette, Tires, Tubes


For those who really f**kin love their bike and want to treat it to a spa day at the bike shop.  We’ll primp, curl and gossip about those other bikes at the group ride.  And we’ll look fabulous!
ROAD $195
For road bikes needing a frame up overhaul including bearing installation and multiple replacement of parts due to wear or age.

-Above Service-Installation of Bearings

Hardtail MTB $225

Annual Service for mountain bikes that see regular off road use 

-Above Service-Brake Bleed-Fork Lowers Service

Full Suspension MTB $400

Annual Service for Full Suspension mountain bikes that see regular off road use. 

-Above Service-Rear Shock Service-Pivot Bearing Service
*additional services may be required**parts are not included in above packages


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Customer Feedback

Ryan Houston spent an evening not just assembling my Surly but sharing his passion for biking. The much anticipated adventures near and long term on-board this Surly will all have their roots in the bringing to life that Ryan narrated tonight as his hands worked as if it was to be his own. Thank you Ryan. - Kenneth Holcomb